City of design

The «Prouvé island» in Maxéville is located on the northern boundary of the urban district of Nancy. This site constitutes thus an interface between an urban – or industrial – fabric in the south, and a rural periphery in the north. This transition structures the urban commitment of the design, which is characterized by a majority of collective housing on the south side, and a dominant of single-family houses on the north side.

Vue aérienne

The main positive feature of the site is its proximity to the water (the Meurthe-river and the canal). Despite the relative narrowness of the island, the two banks seem today totally separated. The initial intention of the design is therefore to link the canal and the river – to make them visible at the same time. That’s the reason why a series of transversal openings organizes the site plan : they enable unobstructed views and direct pedestrian accesses from one side of the island to another. Lire la suite